Scooter in Moncton

Thursday, July 13, 2006

After the two experiences of seeing what was out there for the $1000 range, I realized that if I were to get a good scoot, it would take a little more. So I decided I'd sit down and seriously consider what I would seriously consider.

I took the retail price of a new BW's scooter ($2849). That was a starting point that I knew I couldn't afford. I decided on the arbitrary value of $2,000. I figured that if I could find a two- to three-year-old scooter in excellent condition, then I would seriously consider buying it. If anything seemed untoward, or less than perfect, I'd walk away without even offering less. It had to be just about perfect: No damage, smooth running, good looking (well, as good as a scooter could look), etc. Anything less, and I wouldn't think about spending the money. I'd walk away, knowing full well I've stuck to my guns, and that I had saved my money. And perhaps my pride, since it would mean that I wouldn't have bought something that people would undoubtedly laugh at.

The search continued, but on a less serious note...


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