Scooter in Moncton

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Within a couple of days of the decision made in my last post, I was at the corner store once again. I found myself looking at those "bargain hunter" papers with all the items for sale. I decided I'd buy them and have a look, just to see what was there. Something that I did regularly in the past. Found a few deals over the years. Sparked my imagination about something new from time to time. That sort of thing. And of course, the old scooter idea would surely be in the head, so I could always look for other scooters in there, too.

Low and behold, I found one. It was advertised as a 2003 Yamaha BWs, low miles, good condition. They wanted $2300 for it. I decided I'd call and go have a look. Before I left, I did a little hunting on eBay to find out what a fair market value might be, and came up with a number around $1800-1900 bucks. The one in the paper was advertised with the box on the back, something the dealer sells for $100. So I said to myself that if I did talk to them about price at all, I'd have to seriously consider if we came around to $2000. But if anything was out of whack with what I wanted, I'm gone. I won't buy it and fix anything. I won't buy it and want anything else. It had to run perfectly. All of that stuff.

The phone conversation went well, so I decided I'd visit the next day to see what it was like and go from there...


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