Scooter in Moncton

Monday, July 31, 2006

As I drove up to the house of the scooter owner, I saw it in their driveway. There it was. Yellow wasn't quite the color I was expecting, since the current model colors (2006) were red, blue, black, silver and orange. I had my heart set on something relatively bright, since I figured being seen would be a good thing. Well, the yellow was certainly bright, and I like yellow in other things. What the heck? I'll have a closer look.

Before I went to the door, I decided I'd give it a cursory glance. I was surprised at how clean it was. The other two I looked at were grungy, but this, no, it was clean. And the cleanliness belied no faults. It looked pracitcally in showroom condition. Few marks or scratches (in fact, I didn't see any on first look, but even what I saw afterward was minimal). It had a box made by Givi on the back rack, which was about a $100 option, and even that looked clean. The tires were in good shape, and the odometer showed why: 1403km. Not bad for a 2003 model.

Now to go to the door and ask some questions, have them start it up, etc. And maybe, just maybe, talk about price. $2300 was a little high for what I had decided I would consider...


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