Scooter in Moncton

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Well, the season for scooting is definitely winding down, now. The forecast is calling for colder temperatures with rain showers or flurries.

The big problem is when the gloves get wet. I'm wearing neoprene gloves when the temperature turns cold, but after 15 minutes, you can feel your fingers start to cool off. Those gloves are great for doing things that are wet, such as washing your scooter on a colder day. Yesterday, for example, I washed the scooter and my car at about 3°C. Using the neoprene gloves, my fingers stayed pretty dry, and pretty well insulated from the water -- mind you, I used a brush instead of dunking my hands in for a sponge, too, which saved me a little grief.

Now, when the gloves get wet while riding, the wind goes right through them. Also, rain on the face shield is bad. It can be difficult to see through. But there is something worse: Snow. It sticks there, and if it's too cold to melt it, it starts to cover the shield. And, annoyingly, when you ride in snow, the snow tends to build up in front of your crotch as the wind brings it in there to settle. Then your body heat melts it, making it look like you peed in your pants, only it's a lot colder on the man-parts underneath.

So I believe that snow is a no-go, making it even more uncomfortable than when a little rain flies. As long as the temperatures are above 0°C, the cold weather is tolerable with the right gear. But as the inclement weather approaches, it's rapidly becoming time to put the scoot away for the winter.


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