Scooter in Moncton

Saturday, October 14, 2006

So, eventually, I would have to ride this scooter to work. I mean, among the reasons for buying it was to save a little on gas, right? Since my commute to work is almost guaranteed to be a solo drive, running an SUV to carry only one person makes little sense, environmentally.

The last person to bring a scooter to work was ridiculed tremendously. They picked up the scooter and carried it to the bicycle rack, among other tauntings. And really, it was funny.

So I'd have to face this eventually. I had already considered this, and was as ready as I could be, but ended up getting rained out for the next couple of days. Nobody at work was told anything about me having bought a scooter. I wanted it to be a surprise so I could see people's reactions.

Given the rain, the only time I'd ride the scooter before taking it to work for the first time would be the day I brought it home. I had to get out and get accustomed to its handling before taking it to work. Afterall, you can't show up to work on one of these things, a place dominated by humor-filled men, and prove you don't know how to handle something like a scooter.

I took it for a ride through town, seeing several intersections, higher-speed roads (remembering that I can't do much more than 65km/h so highways are out), and merge lanes. It really was easy. There's nothing to it.

So proving I could handle riding it is out of the way. Now I just had to prove that I could handle owning it.


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