Scooter in Moncton

Friday, November 03, 2006

Riding this scooter over the summer, I pushed weather and construction just to see how well I would do on it.

For example, our city has been tearing appart main streets while realigning some, redoing the sewer lines on others, and building new ones as a main bridge was being replaced. I wanted to see if the fat-though-small-diameter tires would be decent for light off-road work. Indeed, they are. Rolling gravel under the tires is uncomfortable. But at least the scooter lets you know that you're not on solid footing. Don't go too fast, don't take turns too tight or too fast, and you'll be OK. I also have taken a page from my mountain biking. When I see that I'm heading for a rough bump, I'll take my feet out of the cutout in front of the seat and place them on the "foot holds" for the rear passenger, and lift myself off the seat. It takes my 175 pounds off the shocks and turns my legs into shock absorbers, which lightens the load on the scooter's suspension. It also aids in keeping the thing from bucking uncontrollably, which is a good thing.

I've also found out that wet roads are not much of a concern in themselves. However, wet railway tracks and manhole covers can be. The tires tend to slip a little on wet metal, so the word is caution. Once again, paying attention to the road becomes much more important on two wheels than it ever seemed to be when driving on four.


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