Scooter in Moncton

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My wife wasn't really happy about me riding a scooter. It wasn't about the money, she said. I asked if she was concerned about how I'd look riding this. She said, as she rolled her eyes, "it's up to you." So I'm fairly certain she wasn't impressed with the idea of her husband riding a scooter. The motorbike fantasy I had a while ago didn't suggest feelings on her part one way or the other. I do know that she isn't overly excited about two-wheeled motor vehicles; she believes they're dangerous. But still, it didn't seem to be about my safety when we would talk about it.

She drove me over to Riverview, to the owner's house, a drive that was under 10km. There it was, all ready to go. I went in and picked up the papers and the keys, they gave me their old helmet (which looked as unused as the scooter itself did). I decided I'd use that one until I could get a new one. I wanted one with a chinguard since I read that the majority of head injuries that occur to people who wear their helmets involve chin injuries to open-faced or visored-but-open-chinned helmets like this one. Either way, it looked very clean, just like the scooter itself did. They really took care of their stuff.

It was time to get driving home on my scooter. It seemed strange to say that. I got some advice from the owner, but really, these things are easy. No gears, no clutch -- just twist-n-go. One thing that kind of concerned me is that I'm an avid, if incapable, cyclist and the front and rear brake handles on this thing are reversed from those of the bicycle that I had become accustomed to in life-threatening single track. Well, it was life-threatening the way I ride it.

So the key is in, the helmet strapped on, now let's see what this puppy can do...


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